Carry Us All Away

by Lowercase Noises

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released 10 December 2010

Cello on tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12 performed by Shannon Harden
Vocals on track 1 and oboe on track 4 performed by Jenny Othling
Lyrics on track 11 written and performed by Josh Gaines
All other parts written and performed by Andrew Othling

Recorded and mixed by Andrew Othling
Mastered by Nathan James at Vault Mastering (
Album artwork by Terri Othling (



all rights reserved


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Track Name: I Want To Live Again
Frozen limbs I hold, hanging cliff my home, Winter claims my coat, shed to sea below.
Pieces dwindle down, the frozen ocean sends them to the moon-tide shore, my year-long friends.

Carried on the waves, embrace what needs to mend.
Troubles drift away, I want to live again.

When we reach the shore, mangled, broken, sore, a bundled young boy gathers what none would want.
Ugly, wet and cold, lifted where we lay, like sheep into the fold, he carries us away.

Carried in those arms, embrace what needs to mend.
Troubles do no harm, we want to live again.
Rest on ocean waves, find the pieces lost,
Death can have no sting, and as we leave we sing.

Carry us all away.